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Sherry D. Knight, CPA
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Emergency Accounting Assistance
 When You Need Help In a Hurry


Sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself suddenly short of accounting staff with critical knowledge of your systems. You may not have the time to do a proper hiring search; you need someone right now.

In fact, you need a very advanced expert you can rely on for the short term to get your work done; perhaps to get the payroll done and done correctly; to make sure all compliance deadlines are met and penalties are avoided; to make sure your systems stay in good order and keep producing reliable financial data during this time.

You need someone who can step in and immediately assess the situation and keep things running smoothly in a very short period of time.  Not just anyone can come in and within hours ensure the situation is under control.

Stepping Stones has stepped into many situations when sudden employee loss has brought the on-going accounting processes to a virtual standstill. We know all the major accounting software systems, and are adept at figure out most people's spreadsheets.

Emergency CFO
Controllership Functions

Emer controller

When a company suddenly finds itself without a CFO or a controller, it can have a significant impact on its operations and financial health. The CFO and the controller are key personnel necessary for maintaining a fully functioning accounting department and meeting the reporting requirements that are required and relied upon by banks, stockholders, management, and others.

You need to bring in someone who can quickly pick up where the CFO / controller left off, avoid costly penalties for non-compliance, and ensure that there are no interruptions in vital processes.

Stepping Stones has helped many companies through this difficult transition and has provided valuable training for the newly hired replacement.