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Frequently asked questions about ZLC Ministry Scheduler                                                      


1.      I am getting "…Registration Expired…" or "Invalid Registration…" messages (was ok until…).

2.      The Registration Code does not work.

3.      I am unable to start up the program.  It was running fine but now…

4.      How do I run the system on more than one PC?  From home?

5.      Why are not Joe, John, James, and Jane ever getting scheduled?

6.      Why does Mary only get assigned to YY when she is signed up for XX, YY, and ZZ?

7.      I get the following error message during CREATE:

a.       No matching XX found...

b.      …would create duplicate key…

c.       Field too short for data…

d.      No available ministers found for this service…

8.    Upon startup I get a "REATTACH DATA FILE" screen instead of the Main Menu

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