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ZLC Catholic Room Scheduler

Whether you have 5 busy rooms to schedule, or dozens, we have designed this program to make the task simple. We have also designed in many features expressly for Catholic churches.  

If you want to add comprehensive Event Planning information in addition to the Room scheduling capabilities shown below, you should also look at our Catholic Event Planning system.

After several years on the market, we have released a DELUXE EDITION of this system, which starts with the proven and easy foundation of the Room Scheduler and adds to it some very advanced functions for situations that call for even more automation power.  Click on DELUXE EDITION above to see what it offers in addition to all of the features listed below, or go to our Features Comparison listing to see all three levels. 

Prevents scheduling conflicts.
Easy to make changes, to one event or an entire series.
Lots of details, categories, and notes available for each event.
Instantly and easily prints Calendars.
Automatic scheduling of series of events for any number of groups. Use any event as a template for creating a series.
Built-in event categories for Catholic events. Special selection screen makes its simple to view / report any desired set of events separately.
Unlimited history. All reports by any range-of-dates. Numerous agenda and calendar formats.
Windows-based for easier operation.


When you use the ZLC Catholic Room Scheduler, you get all of these benefits:
  • Saves Time - automates scheduling and simplifies coordination.
  • Easy to use - entering new events and changing existing events use same screen. Most details optional, so basic event setup is very simple.
  • it makes it easy to set up series of events.
  • you can specify presider, staff, and group for each event, plus notes. You can specify both a Title/description and a separate Liturgical Title, when desired.
  • built-in categories for all the special Catholic types of events, plus user-defined categories as well.
  • easy to use built-in flags to specify events for newsletter, and to specify private vs public events.
  • built-in feast-days and user-defined special days, which pop up automatically on all event screens and printouts.
  • unlimited history of activities, including details.
  • comprehensive - all functions together and fully coordinated. Integration with ZLC Parish Registry eliminates double-entry and assures entry into the registry.
  • flexible - written in Microsoft ACCESS – every lookup list is user-definable.

Take a quick look On-Line

Download a Powerpoint demo of the system

(The downloaded demo requires Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or Office 97. If you get a message "can't find...", you can download a copy of Powerpoint Viewer to use. )

Download a fully operational demo of the system (see instructions below)

You can directly open this file, or first download it then open that downloaded .EXE file (by double-clicking on it). It will step you through the installation process.  If desired, you can call us for assistance, and also for a recommended short 15 minute walk-through of the operations (or go to the SUPPORT button above for in-depth information and guidance).

System Requirements:

Windows 98/NT/XP: 40 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

Pricing and options information:

A. Up to 6 rooms - single-user $195
B. Room Scheduler PLUS: unlimited number of rooms & multi-user $395
C. Upgrade from level A to level B $250
D. Room Scheduler DELUXE $695
E.  Upgrade from level B to level D $350
F.  Optional PLANNING screens See Event Planning options for detailed pricing of options.
G. Linkage to Parish Register Systems CALL FOR COST

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.