Management and Scheduling Software for Facilities and Resources -- including churches and ministry scheduling, and heavy highway construction estimating.
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ZLC Facility Scheduling Features Comparison

ZLC offers three levels of Facility Resource / Activity Scheduling and Calendar software.  Here is a summary of the differences.  Form left to right the X-columns are the -6, -Plus, and -Deluxe systems -- and X indicates presence of that feature:

Limited to 6 Rooms X - -
Unlimited # of Rooms and Resources - X X
Single-PC Operation X - -
Multi-user for networked computers - X X
Prevents double-booking Rooms X X X
Prevents double-booking equipment, linked rooms - - X
Built-in Categories for standard activities X X X
Unlimited capacity user-defined tables for all lookups X X X
Easy yet powerful selection of events to view / print X X X
View or print in Timeline, List, or Calendar formats X X X
Easy to create recurring series of events X X X
Every event tracks event title, activity title, presider name, staff name, notes, and setup interval X X X
Optional Event Planning screens for meetings, rentals, food requests, work orders, workshop attendance, activities plan - X X
Optional Enhanced Security available to make any screen Read-only, Full-access, or No-access - - X
Handles multi-purpose rooms automatically - - X
Schedules locations and buildings as well as rooms, and you can select events by location and by building - - X
Schedules equipment and vehicles as well as rooms - - X
Can link together, with proper conflict-checking, multiple rooms and / or equipment - - X
Up to 6 capacities and 3 rates per room or resource - - X
Both Setup and Cleanup intervals per event, with proper conflict-checking - - X
Two separate Notes fields per event - - X
Calendar format can show Event Start Time X X X
Calendar format can show Presider Name X X X
Calendar format can show Staff X X X
Calendar format can show Notes X X X
Calendar format can show Event Start and End Times - - X
Calendar format can show Room Start and End Times - - X
Calendar format can sort Events by Time or by Room - - X
You can chain-print a series of Calendars - - X
Easy to add additional specialized planning screens - X X
Price: 195 395 795