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ZLC Room Scheduler Deluxe

This Deluxe Edition of our Room Scheduler (and Event Planner) enhances the user-interface in many ways, plus it adds powerful new functions.  Because it is built on the proven foundation of our ten-year-old system, you are assured that the enhanced system is solid, reliable, and compatible. 

Just as with our Room Scheduler Plus, you can add the same comprehensive Event Planning information in addition to all of the room, resource, and activity scheduling functions shown below.  For that information, also look at the web page for our Event Planning system.

Here are the major functions added to the Deluxe Edition:

Easily schedule multi-purpose social halls and auditoriums.
Schedule Equipment as well as Rooms and People.
Automatic handling of multiple Locations and Buildings.
Print Calendars with many more Event formats, and sorted by Room or by Start-Time.
Chain-print Calendars by Range-of-Months.
Venue-checking to match Room types and activity types.
You can link together Rooms and Equipment for scheduling purposes -- with proper conflict-checking. 
Smart Exporting of Event information -- to other calendar creation programs, personal organizers, internet pages, etc.
Up to 3 Rates and 6 Capacities per Room/Resource.
Copy Event function.
Tracks Cleanup Time as well as Setup Time.
2nd Notes Box per Event.
Enhanced interface, including: time-lookups and Event duration lookups for setting Event times; add or edit multiple Event-details screens instead of just one at a time; improved handling of conflicts-control when creating Recurring Events.
Powerful new Guest Manager option.

With the ZLC Room Scheduler DELUXE you get all of the above added to the proven features and benefits of our ZLC Room Scheduler system.  For a detailed listing of features included in each level of the system, go to our FEATURES COMPARISON.

Download a fully operational demo of the system (see instructions below)

You can directly open this file, or first download it then open that downloaded .EXE file (by double-clicking on it). It will step you through the installation process.  If desired, you can call us for assistance, and also for a recommended short 15 minute walk-through of the operations (or go to the SUPPORT button above for in-depth information and guidance).

System Requirements:

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA: 60 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

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Pricing and options information:

A. Upgrade from -6 level $300
B. Upgrade from -PLUS level $450
C. Room Scheduler DELUXE $795
D.  Optional PLANNING screens See Event Planning options for detailed Price List.
E. Linkage to other systems CALL FOR COST

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.