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ZLC Event Planner

This system is much more than just an event calendar -- it lets you maintain extensive details for any event scheduled. But it also lets you choose only relevant details, so you never get lost in a lot of irrelevant and unused fields.

Simple events are easy to schedule, but now complex ones can be planned in detail with everyone having instant access to changes and up-to-date accurate information.

The system starts with our powerful ZLC Room Scheduler program, or our newer ZLC Room Scheduler Deluxe program, and adds to it the tracking of extensive specialized information about every type of event you schedule. Any event can include the tracking of signups and attendance for a workshop, rent details, equipment details, food and beverage details, even a complex multi-step sequence of activities that will make up the one scheduled event. This system brings it all together and makes coordination and communication simple. Notification of changes are never forgotten, and there is always just one single shared version of the details.

Signup and attendance functions.
Any level of details for upcoming meetings.
Food and beverage details, including menu and fees.
Equipment details.
Work orders details.
Outside rentals, including insurance data and terms.
Multi-step details within one event, with 8 user-defined lookup lists to aid in planning any event.
User-defined holiday and other special days function, with automatic notification when scheduling, and optional inclusion on Calendars.
User-defined Reserved Dates, with automatic notification when scheduling - including series creation.
Automatic scheduling of series of events for any number of groups. Use any event as a template for creating a series.
Automatic conflict prevention includes setup intervals and works with the automatic creation of series of events.
Both built-in event categories and user-defined categories. Special selection screen makes its simple to view / report any desired set of events separately.
Unlimited history. All reports by any range-of-dates. Numerous agenda and calendar formats.
Windows-based for easier operation.


When you use the ZLC Event Planner, you get all of these benefits:
  • Better accuracy and coordination - enforces single shared calendar, without duplicates or variations.
  • Easy to use - all details screens are optional, so only desired, relevant ones are set up for a particular event.
  • Designed especially for complex, busy agendas.
  • it makes it easy to set up series of events.
  • many user-defined lookup lists insure consistency and ease event setup.
  • unlimited history of every event, with its details.
  • comprehensive - all functions together and fully integrated.
  • flexible - written in Microsoft ACCESS – every lookup list is user-definable.

Take a quick look On-Line

Download a Powerpoint demo of the system

(The download demo requires Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or Office 97. If you get a message "can't find...", you can download a copy of Powerpoint Viewer to use. )

Download a fully operational demo of the system (see instructions below)

You can directly open this file, or first download it then open that downloaded .EXE file (by double-clicking on it). It will step you through the installation process.  If desired, you can call us for assistance, and also for a recommended short 15 minute walk-through of the operations (or go to the SUPPORT button above for in-depth information and guidance).

System Requirements:

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA: 60 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

Pricing and options information:

A. Up to 6 rooms - single-user $495
B. Unlimited number of rooms - multi-user $995
C. Upgrade from level A to level B $550
D. Deluxe Edition $1395
E. Upgrade from level B to level D $450
D. Linkage to other systems CALL FOR COST
E. Display-only-station option (the Deluxe Edition includes Enhanced Security at no extra cost). $195

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.