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Thank you for visiting the ZLC Software website. It contains extensive information about our products and services, including instant on-line demonstrations and fully functional downloadable trial systems. No amount of glowing descriptions and features lists and even testimonials can substitute for operating the actual system: only then will you know if the system is intuitive and instantly useable versus one that is too complicated or difficult to use.

ZLC develops systems for automating various specialized administrative tasks, for organizations with 1 to 250 PCs. All of our systems are designed to make it easy for our users to carry out sophisticated and complex activities. When you use ZLC software you are assured of working smarter rather than harder.

We also provide responsive personal support by experts who know our systems inside and out. We know that for software users, support is as important as a system's design and features.

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Our Products & Services

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Scheduling Systems:

Room/Event Scheduling


Catholic Church Event Scheduling


Ministry Scheduling

Payroll Reporting:

Certified Payroll


W-2 Electronic Reporting

Construction Industry:

Heavy Construction Estimating


Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Accounting Software


Custom Development


We have room scheduling / event planning calendar systems for both large and small facilities, with special features built-in for very specialized tracking needs.  We have software for trucking companies, contractors, caterers, conference centers, schools and colleges, museums, libraries, and churches. We have employee information systems and a popular OSHA safety management system. We have software for Training and Credentials management.  And we have many specialized payroll reporting programs needed by companies with thousands of employees.  

We also do user-friendly custom software that is designed by engineers, accountants, and MBAs -- by business people who understand workflow and processes.  When you need a special system for a non-generic task, we are your best, most cost-effective solution.

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What's New

We have just finished enhancing our website downloads: both the updates and the demo systems are now all self-installing. And we have reorganized the DOWNLOADS section for easier access to the more important systems.

Try out our new comprehensive SUPPORT section on this website -- it is organized to take you straight to the answer to your question or problem.

We are now offering a new ADVANCED EMAILER addition to our popular MINISTRY SCHEDULER program (already the leading scheduler available). This addition adds advanced group emailing functions, including a local SMTP email server, attractive html content capabilities including templates -- so your emails can have your church logo / heading just like your website pages -- and many ways to include and/or attach output from the ZLC Ministry Scheduler.

We have added Deluxe Editions for both our ROOM SCHEDULING / EVENT PLANNING systems and our MINISTRY SCHEDULER systems.  

EMPLOYEE VIEWS system now includes comprehensive Training Participation and Credentials-Tracking modules.

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About ZLC Software

ZLC means Zero Learning Curve, and that is what we provide: instantly useful power and true business administration productivity. ZLC means business software designed by CPAs, MBAs, and engineers with over twenty years of experience helping small businesses use computers. Our systems are designed expressly for small businesses and organizations who do not have an in-house MIS department, who need solutions that are affordable and easy to use, yet still provide power and sophisticated results.

We were originally a CPA firm. In the 1990's we specialized in PC-based accounting systems and developed programs to enhance and extend the accounting and payroll programs we were helping people use. We found that there was (and still is) a great need for programs designed by businesspeople who know computers (rather than visa-versa), so that is what we do. We design all of our software for people who are not computer-specialists -- for people who just want to accomplish the task with a minimum of effort and without having to spend a long time just learning how to use the software. We make your computers work harder and smarter for you.

For more information about Sherry Knight, C.P.A. go to her ss-cpa site.

New ZLC site.

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ZLC Contact Information

We welcome any feedback on our products and our website.

Telephone: (510) 394-8684

Electronic mail: zlc@zlcsoftware.com

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