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We have just released a our new Version 606 upgrade to our popular MINISTRY SCHEDULER program (already the leading system available).  The new features include:

        Choice of screen sizes;

        Improved popup calendars;

        Whole weekend Keep-Togethers (when partially enforced);

        New powerful "spreadsheet" analyses views;

        Individual emails with that individual's schedule automatically attached.

The result is more even automatic balancing even in complex situations, more control over the rotations, and several features to simply make the system even easier to use. .For complete details go straight to our ZLC Ministry Scheduler Features Comparison List.

We are also about to release an all-new comprehensive all-in-one PARISH REGISTRY program for tracking all of your members and contacts, people and organizations, along with built-in management of capital campaigns and appeals.  This will be linked into our existing Calendar and Ministry Scheduling programs for a truly integrated system.

We have recently added the capability for our calendar systems to link to OUTLOOK, and thus to synchronize with interactive web calendar sites (e.g. YAHOO Calendars) and to PDA's, etc.  Our users who are now doing this are very happy with the new levels of usefulness this brings them, with no need for additional hardware, effort, or on-going costs.

We have added a whole new section to our website for user SUPPORT.  It includes easy to access topics lists for each of our most popular systems, with sections on INSTALLATION, NEW USER TRAINING, ADVANCED TOPICS, and TROUBLESHOOTING.  Just click on the SUPPORT button at the top of any webpage to try this out.  

We now have Deluxe Editions for both our ROOM SCHEDULING / EVENT PLANNING systems and our MINISTRY SCHEDULER systems.  The former added the capabilities to easily handle multiple location scheduling, multi-purpose rooms, linked equipment, setup and cleanup times, additional Calendar formatting options, and much more.  The latter adds many new (more condensed) reporting formats, analysis reports, automatic data checking, email capabilities, unlimited Not-Available data ranges, and more rotation options.      

Our EMPLOYEE VIEWS system now includes our comprehensive Training Participation and Credentials-Tracking modules.

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