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ZLC Ministry Scheduler Features Comparison and Prices

ZLC offers three levels of the ZLC Ministry Scheduler.  The -100 level is for smaller churches with less than 100 ministers to schedule.  The -Deluxe is for churches with large numbers of ministers to schedule, or with complex / demanding scheduling requirements.  The -Plus level suffices for smaller situations with over 100 ministers, or if your church keeps the scheduling rules simple.

The left to right X-columns are the ZMS-100, ZMS-Plus, and ZMS-Deluxe -- and X indicates presence of that feature.  Note that the newest features we've added are at the bottom of this comparison list. 

Limited to 100 Ministers (Names) X - -
Unlimited # of Ministers (Names) - X X
Multi-user for networked computers - X X
Unlimited # of User-defined Ministry Types X X X
Unlimited # of Service Days/Times X X X
Unlimited flexibility of Ministry Sets (templates) used for setting up each Service X X X
Easy setup of Keep-Together and Keep-Apart Groups X X X
Easy handling of both Weekly and Special Services X X X
Can set Maximums per Week, Month, Year X X X
Max-per-Month on individual Ministries (per person) X X X
Max-per-Month on individual Services (per person) X X X
Auto-Create Schedule for any Range of Dates X X X
Easy changing of any detail of schedule after built X X X
Unlimited history kept, with complete details X X X
Mailing labels (with name as entered) X X X
Many report formats for both rosters and schedules X X X
Can print an individual's schedule for any date-range X X X
Can print individuals' schedules on labels (8 per page) - - X
All schedules and rosters print for any date-range X X X
All schedules and rosters can be by selected ministry or all X X X
Prints schedules up to 6-Across (services per row) X X X
Prints schedules up to 9-Across (services per row) - - X
Prints roster-1-line-each with sign-up info on same line - - X
Prints roster-1-line-each with up to 55 per page - - X
Allows unlimited # of Not-Available date-ranges - - X
Mailing labels with title (optional) first-name last-name - - X
Multiple Ministries assigned by Need or by Preference X X X
Ministries assigned by Need, Preference, or Equal-Rotation - - X
Service times rotated by Need or by Equal-Rotation - - X

ADDED IN VERSION 502  (Mid-2002)

Powerful yet easy mail-merge - - X
Many enhancements to ease the emailing of reports - - X
Which Weeks of Month for each Minister X X X
Which Weeks of Month for each Service time X X X
Interactive Viewing / Adjustments of Schedule X X X
Easier viewing of Keep-Together / Apart Groupings X X X
Automatic Perpetual Liturgical Calendar built-in X X X
Copy-Minister function X X X
Defaults: City, State, ZIP, and Starting Date-Not-Available X X X

ADDED IN VERSION 404  (Mid-2004)

Max-Per-Qtr as well as Max-Per-Month for each Ministry preference - - X
Max-Per-Qtr as well as Max-Per-Month for each Service Time preference - - X
Enhanced Rotation options and logic - - X
One Minister can be in multiple Keep-Together / Apart Groups - - X
Five types of Keep-Together / Apart Groups - - X
Even / Odd Weeks option for each Minister - - X
sheet and no-show / substitution tracking - - X
Primary/Secondary masses (for holy days vs normal) - - X
Choice of sorts on Schedule reports - - X
New CREATE logs – by Minister – Summary or Detail - - X
Comprehensive context-sensitive pop-up HELP - - X
Can stop the CREATE process at any time - - X
Single roster with groupings by Minister-Type and/or Service Time - - X
Enhanced data-file structure - - X
Ministry Types now can be up to 150 characters long - - X
New time-preference codes for condensed rosters - - X
New salutation field for family mailings - - X
Many other layout and interface improvements - - X

ADDED IN VERSION 606  (Fall 2006)


We have added an additional option on our Partial Keep-Together groups.  If you check this, then the members will not be scheduled at different services on the same weekend. 
- - X


Every place you set dates or date-ranges there is now an easy-to-use popup calendar that let’s you visually select dates, whenever desired. 
- - X


For those of you with high-resolution displays, you can select to have the screens shown in a much larger size.  Or, if desired, you can select to keep using the same size as in previous versions of the Ministry Scheduler. 
- - X


We have added a new screen that lets you specify a date-range and a Ministry and automatically produce two different “cross-tab” analyses:

            A. Each row is a Minister, each column a Service, and the cells show assigned or not;

            B. Each row is a Service, each column a Minister, and the cells show assigned or not.

These spreadsheets can be sent automatically to EXCEL where you can use them to further analyze the schedule for that range-of-dates.  Churches that were utilizing this type of analysis found it so useful that they would build them by hand – and now the system builds them for you instantly.

- - X


You can specify a date-range and set of people, and the system will generate a separate email for each selected person, with their schedule for that date-range as an attachment.

- - X
Many other code fixes and improvements - - X
Price -- New $195 $350 $495
Price – Upgrade to version 606 $350 $250 $225

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