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ZLC Ministry Scheduler System

Whether you have 50 ministers to schedule, or hundreds, we have designed this program to make the task easy. You can have this program automatically do everything, from setting up the services to assigning names -- for any number of ministry positions -- for any range of dates. Or, you can elect to do any part of it manually: setting up one service, pre-assigning a few names, changing the makeup of one service, or changing any details at any later time.

You just set up your services structure and your ministers' availability, the system does all the rest.  Our system has been the leading, proven system for over twelve years: the best system you can buy.  We offer you more power and flexibility, yet with complete ease of use:

Automatic scheduling of any number of ministers and services.  Easy to make changes.
Rotation options set for each individual Minister: By-Preference; By-Need; or Equal-Rotation.
Unlimited history and capacity.  Numerous report formats.
Windows-based for easier operation.
New ZLC LINK to your Parish Registry system.


When you use the ZLC Ministry Scheduler, you get all of these benefits:
  • Saves Time - its all automatic.
  • Easy to use - update the availability information and preferences, enter the date range, and push one button to create the schedule.
  • Our system makes it easy to maintain a correct and fair rotation.
  • You can set a maximum per week, month, and quarter for each minister, for each ministry separately, and for each service-time separately.
  • Each minister can be available for any number of ministry types and any number of service days / times.
  • Keep-together and keep apart groups can be enforced or not -- including across ministry types and across weekends.
  • Both Preferences and many Maximums can be set for each individual minister overall, plus for each of their ministry types and each of their service days / times.
  • Unlimited history of each minister's activity.
  • Optionally tracks demographics of assigned ministers: gender, user-defined-category, and age-group.
  • Comprehensive - all functions together and fully integrated.
  • No limit to the number of ministries, the number of service times, or the number of weeks you can schedule.
  • Easy to set any number of Not-Available dates and date-ranges for each minister.
  • Flexible - written in Microsoft ACCESS – every lookup list is user-definable.

Take a quick look On-Line

Download a Powerpoint demo of the system

(The downloaded demo requires Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or Office 97 (or later). If you get a message "can't find...", you can download a copy of Powerpoint Viewer to use. )

The following allow you to download a completely operational copy of the Ministry Scheduler -- please see the instructions that follow below. 

Download a fully-functional DEMO of the Ministry Scheduler - good for 30 days

You can directly open this file, or first download it then open that downloaded .EXE file (by double-clicking on it). It will step you through the installation process.  If desired, you can call us for assistance, and also for a recommended short 15 minute walk-through of the operations (or go to the SUPPORT button above for in-depth information and guidance).

ZLC offers three levels of Ministry Scheduling software.  Click here to see a summary of the differences.


Click here for more information about our ZLC LINK (to your parish registry system)


Download a copy of the ZLC Ministry Scheduler Version 606 release information (.PDF Acrobat format).

Download a ZLC Order Form (.PDF Acrobat format).

System Requirements:

Windows 98/NT/XP/2000/2003; 60 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

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Pricing and options information:

A. Up to 100 Ministers - single-user $195
B. PLUS EDITION: Unlimited # Ministers - multi-user $350
D. Upgrade from level A to level B $225
E. Upgrade from level B to level C $225
F. Annual Software Support Contract for ZMS. $125
G. Linkage to Parish Register Systems $250

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.