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ZLC Employee Views

Employee Information Management Made Easy!

Employee Views is a complete, integrated human resource management system. It is designed to track all of your employee information, yet give you easy access to any part of that information. It can be linked to various payroll systems to eliminate duplicate keying and for better accuracy.  Recently added: you can now optionally add Training Participation and Credentials Tracking functions to the system (see separate demo below).

Time off and Attendance tracking, including Vacation, Sick, Personal, uncompensated and Family Leave.
Accruals of Vacation, Sick, and Personal time off.
Salary, Bonus, and Commissions Histories.
Position and Skills separate from Salary information.
Insurance Participation: health, life, other.
COBRA status and deadline tracking, letters.
Dated Notes with user-defined categories.
Instant letters and memos, for any group.
Benefits participation history; user-defined benefits list.
EEO information and reporting.
Workers' Compensation accruals, claims history.
Extensive demographics and family details.
Powerful built-in selection function for grouping employees many ways -- easily.
Four user-defined categories give great flexiblity in defining employees.
Unlimited history. All reports by any range-of-dates. Special Benefits Statement shows all employer costs...
Windows-based for easier operation.


When you use the ZLC Employee Views, you get all of these benefits:
  • Better accuracy and coordination - all information in one place insures all is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Easy to use - all details presented in focused VIEWs, so you are never lost in the system.
  • Proper database design works well for large or small situations.
  • Makes it easy to set up new employees.
  • Many user-defined lookup lists insure consistancy and ease event setup.
  • Unlimited history of every employee: pay, performance, notes.
  • Comprehensive - all functions together and fully integrated.
  • Flexible - written in Microsoft ACCESS – every lookup list is user-definable.

Take a quick look On-Line

Download a Powerpoint demo of the system

(The downloaded demo requires Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or Office 97. If you get a message "can't find...", you can download a copy of Powerpoint Viewer to use. )

Take a look at the new Training and Credential-Tracking System

Download a Powerpoint demo of the Training system


System Requirements:

Windows: 40 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

Pricing and options information:

A. Up to 200 employees - multi-user $750
B. Each additional 100 employees $250
C. Linkage to payroll system - 200 employees $350
D. Linkage to payroll system - each additional 100 employees $100
E. OSHA Safety Manager option - 200 employees $350
F. OSHA - each additional 100 employees $100

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.