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ZLC W-2 Controller System

This is our W-2 reporting system for organizations that need to send in their annual government employee reporting via magnetic file (per the specifications in the SSA publication EFW2).

 We import your data from your payroll data files, and then let you verify and/or change the categorizations for the W-2 reporting.  This is the only way to get it all right if your payroll system is off -- which is more common than not (there are many situations that happen during the year that can throw it off).

Then once you have verified the categories, we accumulate all the different reporting amounts for each employee, then allow you to view / verify again at that point.  Only then do we build the report file to be submitted.  This is how we design our systems: so you can KNOW at each step along the way that the correct numbers are being compiled. 

You never have to wonder how the numbers were arrived at, and if they need adjusting we make it easy for you.


Allows you to re-categorize any employee wage / deduction
amounts to any reporting category
Automatically compiles all the reporting amounts, and
builds the report file for submission. 
Prints substitute W-2's  4-up, so you
do not need to buy multi-layer forms
We do everything by range-of-dates, and you can see
(verify) every detail uploaded at every step of the process
We keep unlimited detailed history, so you can go back and
view any employee's report at any later time
At any later time you can go back and
reprint any employees' substitute W-2s
Multiple company - no limits on number of companies or employees/td>

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/NT/XP/VISTA: 60 MB disk space; 100 MB RAM

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.