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ZLC Vehicle Fleet Maintenance System

Whether you have 10 vehicles or thousands, this ZLC program is the best way to automate all of your equipment maintenance operations and compliance in a single integrated easy-to-use system:

Parts inventory and vendor information
Vehicle information (plus trailers, equipment)
Inspection forms, schedule, and history
Work Order forms, schedule, and history


When you automate using ZLC, you get all of these benefits:
  • Saves Time - its as easy as filling in a form on the computer screen.
  • it is simple to set up - do useful work the same day you install it.
  • it makes it easy to stay in compliance.
  • critical parts report helps improve breakdown servicing.
  • automatic issues to Work Orders.
  • automatic pop-up reminders.
  • unlimited history - in detail or summary, with instant access.
  • comprehensive - all functions together and fully integrated.
  • flexible - written in Microsoft ACCESS – every lookup list is user-definable.

Take a quick look On-Line

Download a Powerpoint demo of the system

(The downloaded demo requires Microsoft Powerpoint or Office. If you get a message "can't find...", you can download a copy of Powerpoint Viewer to use. )

System Requirements:

Windows XP/VISTA/7: 100 MB disk space

Pricing and options information:

A. Up to 100 Vehicles - single-user $3000
B. Unlimited # Vehicles - multi-user CALL
C. Upgrade from level A to level B CALL
D. Linkage to dispatch or timesheet system (to automate mileage updates) CALL FOR COST

You could be using this system productively within days from now. Contact us now to place your order, and we will ship your system immediately.