Management and Scheduling Software for Facilities and Resources -- including churches and ministry scheduling, and heavy highway construction estimating.
ZLC Software
Advanced Database Systems Development and Support

These are the support topics for the ZLC Room Scheduler and Event Planner Systems.  Please use the list below to go directly to any topic on which you want detailed information.

 Upgrades and Installation

Downloading a free copy of the latest versions (update or demo)

Installation / Configuration of program and data files

Installation for Access 2000 or Access XP

When you get new pc

When you get an upgrade to Office / Access / Windows

Operating your ZLC system at home

Getting Started / Training

Overview of the system

Walk-through of specific functions

Registering (Unlocking) your system

How to do the initial setup of your new system

Deleting records from a list

Advanced Topics

How to publish your events to a web-calendar

Security features 


Lost or damaged data file

Invalid or expired  ZLC registration

Duplicate or null key field messages 

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